2 Hearts Beating Together


Crafted as a fine chain, this Two Hearts Necklace is handcrafted out of Sterling Silver and Recycled silver chain with balls design. Light and easy to wear, the chain was designed to be styled in 2 ways:

  1. Long Necklace: The two hearts are designed to be worn together, hanging from the chain as a single pendant, creating a striking focal point. This style allows the necklace to hang lower and accentuate the unity of the two hearts.
  2. Double Wrapped Necklace: Alternatively, you can wrap the chain around your neck twice, creating two layers of necklace. In this style, each heart pendant will be positioned on a different layer, adding a layered and stylish look to your outfit.


* This necklace can be personalized and set more hearts to signify children or important people in your life. Feel free to contact me for this feature.

The hearts are designed with two different sizes, which adds visual interest and depth to the necklace. This design choice allows for variation in the way the hearts are showcased, making the necklace unique and visually appealing.


  • 925 Sterling Silver and Recycled Silver
  • 85 cm length.
  • 2,4 cm big heart and 1,8 cm small heart.

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