Amethyst Stalactite


Introducing our exquisite handmade Amethyst Stalactite necklace, a true masterpiece that seamlessly shows nature’s beauty.

The heart of this necklace is a rare and enchanting amethyst crystal Stalactite slice, carefully selected for its exceptional quality and captivating hues. The slice showcases the mesmerizing variations in the crystal with their special rich purple tones, being complemented by the luxurious touch of 14K Gold-Filled elements and Sterling Silver chain, creating a harmonious fusion of elegance and nature.

Its rarity lies not only in the beauty of the amethyst crystal but also in its durability.

Each jewelry from the One-Of-A-Kind Collection is crafted with meticulosity and passion, ensuring that no two pieces are alike.

Embrace the allure of the extraordinary and make a statement with this remarkable Amethyst necklace, a fusion of nature’s beauty and artisan craftsmanship.


  • Amethyst Stalactite
  • 14K Gold-Filled elements and recycled Sterling Silver
  • Chain length: adjustable from 55 – 59 cm
  • Pendant size: 3,3 x 2,7 cm


* You will receive the exact piece from the photos!

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