Beetle Earrings

80.00 110.00 

The design of beetle earrings comes in 2 variations, 9 and 5 cm length. The larger ones feature around 26 real scarab wings per earring, whilst the smaller ones around 14 wings per earring, which are individually processed and set to create this drop shape. They are extremely light and move gently with the wearer as they sit on the lobe. These beetles, known as well as scarabs, possess a remarkable shiny green shade. However, variations can be observed, with some beetles displaying copper, gold, yellow, or deep blue tones. The reflective properties of light play a significant role in showcasing these nuances on the beetle's wings.

To create this Scarab Wings design, I source these insect wings from Thailand, where they are considered a culinary delicacy and shields are discarded after the inside is consumed.


  • Real Beetle Wings
  • 14K Gold-Filled
  • Approximate sizes 9 and 5 cm

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