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Designed by Oana Savu

Made by hand

oanasavu.creations is a jewelry line that translates nature into wearable art.

As a self-taught artist, I found the brand in 2019, which is known for its playful and unique colors and shapes meant to bring you closer to nature.

Each piece has it’s own story to tell and continue it together with the wearer.

I create with the environment in mind, the jewelry are sustainably sourced and can stand the test of time. I believe in long life for fashion and I want my customers to buy what they love, in the hopes they will cherish each design for many years.

“My goal is to create jewellery that can last a lifetime and carry lots of memories with it!”

Oana Savu

Soul of oanasavu.creations

Only the Best

Premium and Recycled Materials

I search for the highest quality stones and pearls at different suppliers across the world! I love to look for rare and one-of-a-kind pieces, and often use it as rough as possible. Although oanasavu.creations is a small brand, I try to use recycled elements in my designs whenever possible. So far I am using recycled Silver in some of the chains designs and wire, for the beetles collection I am sourcing the wings from a restaurant in ThailandĀ  where they are edible and shields are discarded after the inside is consumed. I use to go hunting forĀ  pearls heirlooms, which I can reuse in my designs.

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Difference between Gold-Filled and Gold-Plated

We never use nickel

Gold-Filled jewelry is also considered as Fine jewelry! It has a much higher amount of pure gold in it, therefore is much more valuable and resistant (10+ layers of pure gold). It is a durable piece, that will not tarnish or chip for a lot of years. Plus, it is safe for people with metal allergies. The one I use has a 14K Gold finish, applied to a Sterling Silver base, unless noted otherwise.

The Gold-Plated components I use, are always plated with 18K Gold on Sterling Silver, unless noted otherwise.

General jewelry care


To ensure the life of Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver and Brass jewelry, try not to expose it to water. Remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing, swimming or cleaning, and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, make-up, oils or household chemicals.

I recommend cleaning your jewelry with the cloth I provide, or a similar soft cloth, as well as storing your jewelry in the box or pouch we provide it with, dry and not in direct sunlight to prevent excess tarnishing.

Specific jewelry care



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Butterfly Jewelry


Wear your Butterfly jewelry with care, try not to use it under heavy outerwear.

To give it the original shape, gently press together each row of wings, starting with the smaller ones(2 wings at a time, left and right). The butterflies are very strong, as they are made out of 100% silk, it can be washed and ironed on low heat afterwards, so there is no danger if you wear it and it starts raining, or if they get any make-up stains.


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Beaded Jewelry

Most of the beaded jewelry have the base made out of ultrasuede, therefore it is extremely important to keep it away from water. The beads we are using have a permanent top finish, which means that the color will not go away in time.

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Nature`s Treasures

Shells, pearls and bugs are natural components, which means they react different to all kind of products, that is why it’s important to keep it away from any chemicals, water, and sun.