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Milano Jewelry Week 2022

BBB Oana Savu

Milano Jewelry Week!

 20-23 October 2022


I am very proud to announce my participation at MJW 2022. Looking forward to this new adventure!!! The jury choosed 2 of my best creations to be exhibited at the FaB by Artistar exposition, that is going to be hold on the amazing Palazzo Giureconsulti in the heart of Milan.

See 2 treasures below and reveal their hidden descriptions!

20220710 145825 scaled Oana Savu

Sea is Calling! It consists of a blue agate slice, that naturally looks like a sea landscape. This necklace is one of a kind, and it is part of a semi-precious stones necklaces collection, where each piece is unique, carrefully selected among thousands, because only those ones were telling me an outstanding story.

DSC08462 scaled Oana Savu

Sea`s Treasures! While creating these earrings, I was actually working with pieces of history, carrefully manipulating it in order to give each a new chance to shine again through my creativity! These earrings contain a fossilized ammonite, which is cut through, to display the spectacular inside that shows the Fibonacci Spiral. For such a spectacular piece I had to find something to match it with, this is how I came to use other fossils, which are the shark teeth. Manipulated with care and patience, every tooth and shell has been drilled and well positioned in order to give the ammonite a perfect match!

TV Show 2021

A while ago OanaSavu.Creations gave an interview for the TV show “Neatza cu Razvan si Dani” broadcast in Romania. It was the first experience of this kind and the first TV appearance. I am very proud of the result, which I invite you to watch in the video below, as well as some pictures behind the scene.

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