Fly High Butterfly Chocker – Turquoise

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“Fly high butterfly” is our most joyous collection yet! Butterfly Choker with 3D effect!

This elegant choker features a special silk butterflies design. Handmade using Sterling Silver or 14K Gold-Filled components, which showcase the attention to detail and quality. The wire is covered in a silicone layer, which serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps maintain the choker’s rounded shape, preventing it from losing its form over time. Secondly, it protects the wearer’s skin from potential harm that may arise from direct contact with the wire. Lastly, but the most important feature is that the silicone layer enhances the visual appeal of the choker by creating a floating effect for the butterflies. By adding a slightly transparent appearance to the wire, the butterflies appear like real ones are sitting on the wearer’s neck, adding an intriguing and ethereal touch to the overall design. Due to properties of natural silk, wings are light and translucent and with every movement it mimics the gentle flutter of a real butterfly.

They are very strong, as the fabric is 100% silk, it can be washed and ironed afterwards, so there is no danger if you wear it and it starts raining, or if they get any make-up stains.

The length of the choker is designed to sit just above the collarbone, which adds its versatility and makes it a statement piece that can complement a variety of necklines and outfits.

*There is a big variety of color to choose from.

*Please contact me for size adjustments if necessary.

Start your customization by sending me a message/complete the form and book an appointment.

  • 100% Silk Butterflies
  • 925 Sterling Silver / 14K Gold-Filled


Available in 2 sizes.


  • Small fits 36 – 40 cm
  • Medium fits 40 – 44 cm

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