Beetle Brooch


This brooch is handmade from an actual beetle! A treasure which encapsulates nature’s inherent beauty.

Most of these beetles have an amazing shiny green shade, but some carry as well a copper, gold, or yellow tone, and others a deep blue-ish hue. The light plays a strong role, as it is responsible to reflect these nuances on the beetle’s wings. The scarabs are sourced from Thailand, where they’re considered a culinary delicacy and the shields are discarded after the inside is consumed.

It can be worn as a brooch, or, for someone with a daring personality multiple ones can be worn together as buttons, cufflinks or to decorate a blazer or scarf or any other garment. Let your creativity decide but always wear it with pride!

Around 5 cm, it may vary a little from beetle to beetle, but always between 4 and 6 cm.

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