Sea’s Treasures Black


We’re taking our ever-lasting love of fossils to another wave this season!

The “Sea’s treasures” earrings are inspired by the variety of natural sea elements. I am consistently mesmerized by seashells, their unique and distinct shapes, textures, and the evolution of growth and self-renewal in nature. These earrings contain a fossilized ammonite, which is cut through to display the spectacular inside that shows the Fibonacci Spiral. It is also a symbol of proportional perfection as it is close to the golden ratio, a logarithmic spiral in nature.

Ammonites lived 25.000 years ago, and it is the ancestors of cuttlefish, octopus and squid. Inspired by the beauty of these fossils, these earrings are our must-have for anyone with a daring personality!

Meticulously hand-made, and hand-shaped with a combination of seashells, shark teeth, and ammonite center piece, ended with Gold-Plated ear clips and silicone protectors for comfortable support.

  • Real Seashells
  • Real Ammonite Fossils
  • Real Teeth Fossil
  • Approximate sizes: 7,5 x 3 cm

*We proudly want to inform you that each earring set is unique due to the natural shape of the fossils.

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