Floating Beetle


This elegant choker features a special Floating Beetle design. The 14K Gold-Filled wire is covered in a silicone layer, which serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps maintain the choker’s rounded shape, preventing it from losing its form over time. Secondly, it protects the wearer’s skin from potential harm that may arise from direct contact with the wire. Lastly, but the most important feature is that the silicone layer enhances the visual appeal of the choker by creating a floating effect for the Scarab.

The heart of this enchanting piece is a green beetle, sustainably sourced from Thailand. Revered as a culinary delight, these scarabs find new life as the focal point of our design, each meticulously pieced together like a puzzle. Here, beauty meets responsibility, as we honor nature’s gifts, ensuring that every beetle shield used is repurposed after its gastronomic journey, offering a sustainable homage to its existence.


  • 14K Gold-Filled
  • Real Beetle
  • Adjustable size from 35 to 39 cm


* Please contact me for size adjustments.

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